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So, I like so many of you, have been doing research 
on the Cryptocurrency and internet stock\stonk\cryptocurrency
markets. I Just read that C. Woods just took a position
in Grayscale Bitcoin (GBTC): Grayscale Bitcoin Trust (BTC) is an investment vehicle that enables investors to gain access and exposure to Bitcoin in the form of a security without the challenges of buying, storing, and safekeeping Bitcoin directly. The company was founded on September 13, 2013 and is headquartered in Stamford, CT. GBTC is listed on the OTCQX U.S. market tier. OTC market data is provided by OTC Markets Group, Inc (otcmarkets.com). The listed name for GBTC is Grayscale Bitcoin Trust (BTC) Common Stock.

I have recently also taken a very small position in Grayscale Bitcoin (GBTC), with an average price of $9.54, per share. The news is that GBTC is now trading at a -43% discount, post the FTX crisis.

To me currently purchasing the Grayscale Bitcoin (GBTC), this is like purchasing Citigroup (C) stock shares, at this valuation, of a price/book of 0.52. Citigroup (C) is worth at least book value of $102.80, vs. the current quoted price of $48.49. I also own Citigroup (C) stock shares. 

ARKW: ARK Next Generation Internet, announces the purchase of GBTC, representing 4.84% of said fund. Again a value play, that plays out in the future! 

In the future, I am considering the purchase of ARKW: ARK Next Generation Internet, however I want the -100% negative Down Trend to reverse. I like that C. Woods is purchasing GBTC at such a discount to it's -43% discount to valuation. This trade is a speculation, however, over time it should work great!

Here is a link to both ARKW and GBTC, when both of these speculations, go Green Buy, on the Breakout, I will certainly add to my positions of such, as long as I am able to chase up the new Uptrend at Higher and Higher prices! 

I don't like to Buy the dip, rather probe a market and then allow said market to tell me what it wants to do and then pay up, with higher and higher purchases of said speculations...Trend Readers! A market is Never to High to Buy and never to Low to Sell...because, the Trend...is always my friend!

Bitcoin Invt TR (GBTC): https://www.barchart.com

Ark Next Generation Internet ETF (ARKW): 

Readers, notice that both of these speculations are both -100% Red Down Trend! Future Down Trend Reversal pending? Here is my speculation theory, some day in the future, both of these speculations will signal Green Buy! Some day. C. Woods is early. She was also very early in Tesla (TSLA) also. Do you remember that Tesla consolidated for 5 years sideways and then the Breakout to the upside! 

I just took a very small position in Tesla (TSLA), I am also purchasing a very small amount of Bitcoin BTCUSD, now each week! I am probing the Bitcoin BTCUSD market with my small purchase of such. However, again when the Trend Indicator for Bitcoin BTCUSD, signals Buy Green, then I add to my winning speculation of Bitcoin BTCUSD at higher and Higher prices! Trend Readers! 


Bitcoin BTCUSD is currently saying that I want to go lower because of it's current down Trend...Trend Shifts happen...it should also happen for Bitcoin BTCUSD in the future! 

Again a Survey Question: At what price will Bitcoin BTCUSD Trend shift Buy Green? Answer: I have no idea. Second Survey Question: When Bitcoin BTCUSD Trend shift Buy Green? Answer: Again, I have no idea! For me it is just like computer code, of "If Then". "If Bitcoin's Trend shifts to Green, then I chase it up at Higher High prices...I love to pay up for trades! Trend Readers! Trend! 

Not Investment Advice Ever...Opinion Only!