Hey Readers of the Altcoingazette.com, it is time for our weekly
add for the .999 Silver Bullion products that I hand make\manufacture
right here in the Good Old U.S.A.! 

Here is a link to purchase my wares on Ebay, it helps
support the Altcoingazett.com, Thanks!: 

As many of my Readers know, I always keep 30% of my net worth 
in .999 Silver Bullion. Can't tell how many times this has saved 
my bacon over the years!

Look at this last week in FTX! I had 0% exposure to the FTX situation!
How many people, again, lost it all on the FTX exchange? If you
don't hold it...you don't own it! 

I have been told so many times over the years, not to own .999
Silver Bullion. So so called financial teachers quoted: "Don't own 
.999 silver or gold bullion, no one has every made money with 
owning .999 silver\gold bullion"! 

Yes I own some Bitcoin, Ethereum and blue chip stocks\stonks, bonds, ETFs, cars, real estate, fine art, 
however .999 Silver Bullion is always my 30% net worth anchor! What's in your safe?