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The (ACG) follows news on Precious Metals, mostly .999 Gold Bullion and .999 Silver Bullion. The ACG holds a portfolio of Precious Metals as a hedge against #Inflation,#Hyperinflation, #Stagflation and cryptocurrency risk. 

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5/3/2022: Again .999 Silver Bullion is a -100% Sell Down is a link to the current futures contract:

Big % price retracement in .999 Silver Bullion...down from $26.6 to 22.820...looks way over sold...I will always purchase .999 Silver Bullion to $0.00...that actual physical metal its self, not the ETFs etc. I like to fill my safe up with the actual bullion etc!



Silver bullion is in a 100% Sell Down Trend. Is it time to Buy the 
.999 physical bullion market? We think so. Here is a link:
That shows .999 SLV silver Bullion in 100% Sell mode!
Silver bullion = 100% Sell Down Trend, we buy the .999 physical bullion market dip. 


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